Sunday, November 8, 2015

MCM London Comic-Con

Well, I have a lot to catch up on. Having a visitor for a little over a week and then just laziness in general has kept me from updating the blog. So first up - London Comic-con!! 

By the time I got around to purchasing a ticket only Sunday was left. I went ahead and got the priority ticket which allowed entry at 9:30 instead of 11am. NEED ALL THE COMIC CON TIME.

It was nice being there early - look how much space there is! Waaaaaay different from San Diego Comic-Con where you are basically at the mercy of the crowds as you make your way around the convention floor. Since I knew I wouldn't be dressing up for actual Halloween, I was pretty pumped to dress up for this. I had just finished a marathon of iZombie on Netflix (highly recommend that show) and figured it'd be a relatively easy last minute costume. 

Basically I just needed to be pale (check) and have a lab coat. I bought the lab coat on Amazon. It was huge so I had to do a little hemming with some safety pins and double sided hemming tape. 

Luckily Sainsbury's had a bunch of halloween makeup so I got some white face paint and white hairspray. I woke up at 7 to start getting ready. Painting my face white brought me back to the time I dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West and painted my body green. White is way easier to wash off. 

I even had these sweet blood splattered Espionage nail wraps that i think really completed the outfit. They don't sell this particular print anymore - it was one of the random sets I got as a kickstarter backer when the company first started making them. I love their nail wraps - they are really easy to apply and stay on for about 2 weeks, so I kept them through halloween as well! I'm not sure that iZombie has played in the UK yet, but I did have one person recognize me! And another girl told me she liked my makeup. So I'm counting it as a win. I saw so many amazing costumes there. 

And my favorite:

Cutest princess Leia ever!! I swear about 80% of the reason I want children someday is so I can dress them up in costumes. The only other con I've been to besides SDCC is AwesomeCon in DC. I really like going to these smaller cons - easier to walk around and see things and the costumes are just as amazing. There seemed to be much more Anime/Japanese culture at MCM. They even had an area with booths cooking different Japanese foods on the convention floor which was cool. I wasn't sure if I'd stay the whole day since I went by myself, but there was a ton to look at. I was good and didn't buy anything (being a poor grad student plus having just had to purge so many things moving out of my house really helped) but I enjoyed looking at all the merchandise. I sat down next to a woman in the cafeteria while I ate lunch and we had a fun conversation for about an hour and a half about all the TV shows we watch, different cons we've been to, and of course costumes. She had a great Portal costume and made her portal gun herself. I'm kicking myself now for not having taken a picture of it because it was awesome. I also sat in on a Game of Thrones panel. It was just a Q&A but the actors were all very funny and entertaining. 

All in all it was a great first experience at MCM. They have another in May so hopefully I'll be able to get tickets for the whole weekend then. 

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