Tuesday, February 16, 2016


While we celebrate Mardi Gras in the states with King Cake, in the UK they celebrate with Pancakes (and also call it Shrove Tuesday). Brits eat both American style and the thinner crepe style for Shrove. A lot of restaurants have deals on pancakes, and basically everything is pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. (And you know I love my carbs so yay, yay, yay!)

NOMS. My friend and I went to a breakfast joint called The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch (a very hipstery part of London I saw a lot of fantastic beards and flannel.) I got the Pancakes with Berries and they put this great cream on top. It was SO GOOD...I could only finish 3 of the 4 pancakes. 

They did have a challenge to eat 12 in 12 minutes. I don't know how anybody could do that. I also suspect they make the challenge pancakes slightly thicker. We watched one woman fail. These two guys ordered theirs just as we left. I doubt they finished.

While I did miss finding the baby in my cake, I enjoyed celebrating Fat Tuesday in a new way this year. And just because this is the best scene in Cabin Fever:

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