Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adventures in Packing

How does one pack for a year abroad? Not easily.

Look how big the suitcases are these days!!! An adult human can literally fit inside one. (As you can see from my lovely models) Chelsea did suggest I should forget the clothes and just pack her instead. But fat chance I was going to do that after all of the fabulous clothes I just bought!!

Along with a new suitcase I bought a bunch of back-to-school clothes. I was having some serious flash backs to shopping for the first day of high school - trying to get the perfect outfit that will make all the cool kids like you. Thank god my sister is a fashonista and picked most of my clothes out for me. If I were left to my own devices I would own a lot more outfits like this:

(Which I LOVE and 100% bought) Chelsea also helped me decide what to pack and what to leave behind. Some of the clothes that didn't make the cut this time around will be accompanying me back to the UK post Christmas. I actually fit almost all of my clothes in the new suitcase!

It weighed 48.8lbs. That's 1.2 lbs to spare!!! I packed another large suitcase to check, a smaller carry-on suitcase, and tote bag and managed to get everything in. SKILLZ. Getting to the airport with all of my stuff was easy since my family and BFF Megan came to see me off/helped carry all of my things to the check in counter. The woman at British Airways took pity on me and ended up checking my carry-on suitcase as well so then I just had to carry around my tote!

After 1.5 hours of standing in the longest customs line ever at Heathrow, I finally got down to baggage claim and collected my hoard of luggage. I totally felt like Harry Potter with the cart. (minus the owl and plus a lot of pink and purple) My friend Henry picked me up from the airport and helped with the luggage on this side. Basically I would be a very sad person with out the help of all of my friends and family and may not have packed quite as much stuff.

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