Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh Hey There

Well, I kinda let the ball drop on this. But don't worry - I have a ton of excuses! While the first 2/3 of my first term were footloose and fancy free, it all caught up to me for the last third and I found myself at school for hours on end completing group projects. Who would have thought I'd actually have to do work in grad school!?

But after late nights at Uni, ordering all different kinds of Domino's (including the one with hot dogs in the crust which was weird and I did not like it) everything got done, some of my finals were taken, and I actually did pretty well grade wise on it all. Then it was off to Germany/Switzerland for Christmas Markets, and then back to the States for the holidays! Then of course while I was home I was all:

And it. was. fabulous. Then it was back to the UK for New Years Eve and right into studying for the rest of my finals. So now the new term has started and I have a saa-weeet schedule (no Monday or Wednesday classes!!!) So hopefully I'll be much better at updating regularly. Fingers crossed.

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