Friday, October 23, 2015

Running Around Queens Park

Looking for new places to run, I saw on The Google that Queen's Park wasn't too far from my house. It's basically a straight shot down Sheriff Road one mile until I hit the park. And the streets aren't too busy so it's a good run.

This park is wonderful! It's way bigger than Kilburn Grange. There are still a lot of dogs and mums pushing their children around in prams (oh man I am so English right now) and toddlers following them on scooters. 

In my few runs to this park I've seen a lot of people working out with personal trainers, some were boxing, some were fencing, others just regular exercising. There's even a large gazebo!

I knew this would be a cool park when I ran up and saw pointing signs. This park has it all! Tennis! A Cafe! Toilets! Also - Super cool trees:

While it says its a "common oak" I couldn't help but think of it as the Whomping Willow. Look at that trunk!

There's a quiet garden. I haven't been in yet because I thought running through might disturb the people reading and quietly meditating inside, but someday I will stroll through and enjoy the perfectly manicured garden. 

The playground is the coolest. You probably can't tell from the first photo, but there is a zip line. I repeat, A ZIP LINE. I remember being little and freaking out that the Burger King play zone had put a zip line in and it was only 5 feet long. (And unfortunately taken out because apparently children could not handle it and kept getting hurt) The zip line at Queens Park is easily 10 times longer. Also a tire swing set?! American playgrounds really need to step up their game. 

The "Pitch and Putt." I haven't actually seen anybody out there putting but it's cool that they have this. Also that weeping willow. <3. Look how perfectly even the bottom as been cut. 

I was blown away by the cafe as well. When I read it on the sign I was imagining a tiny stand. Nope, its a full on Cafe with ample outdoor seating! I haven't been inside the cafe either. Maybe the next nice day I'll walk up there with a book, grab a coffee and go sit in the quiet garden. 

Probably my favorite part of running through Queen's Park was seeing the changing of the leaves. It finally is feeling like autumn!! Look at all the yellow! It's no Virginia autumn, but I will take it. 

Another shot of the Whomping Willow. Look how awesome it is. 

You can see the size difference between Queen's and Kilburn Grange (where the red dot is). Also I ran my first sub 30 minute 5k there yesterday!


  1. I'm all inspired to cut our willow evenly at the bottom now! Such a nice park. Glad you are enjoying all that London has to offer!

    1. Thanks Wo! And you'll have to send me pics if you do give the willow a trim ha.